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Free TV and Movies with Kodi

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13th of November 2016 at 2:05 AM
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“Don’t be a Sucker” 

WOULD YOU LIKE to watch FREE TV and FREE MOVIES without having to buy one of those expensive streaming devices, such as the V-Stream box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Smart TV BOX, Apple TV, ASUS Nexus, MXQ TV box, Chrome stick, Dongle or others?

Don’t get suckered in like I did and spend all that money for no reason. You are just being taken advantage of, and that’s not good. Don’t let this happen to you, or any of your family and friends.  By setting up your own home media streaming system without having to buy a stupid stick or box!


NOW STOP,……… Before you say that you are not a computer person, or you really don’t understand how to install a program on a computer,and is just easier to buy a preloaded Kodi Amazon Fire TV Stick……… Then you have nothing but just an Amazon Fire Tv Stick and most probably no warranty.

By becoming a Member and having access to all of the videos, and documentation you will always be able to reinstall not only Kodi, but any new versions plus all the latest builds……But wait it even gets better…… you can attend weekly conference calls and webinars to find out all of the new streams and the latest add-ons available…… that’s right once youbecome a member you’ll get ongoing support and even if you can’t install the program yourself we will do screen share and show you how. We will assist you in setting up the right builds to deliver for live streams of your desired channels, including what’s actually playing now at the movie theaters.


Is it illegal? That is a question that is still being discussed but everybody’s opinion is as long as it is being streamed and not downloaded then you should be okay. However, if Amazon and any of the other streaming devices companies are allowing it to be added to their devices, why should you not take advantage and install it now without paying the additional money for your device?…………….Even if the Law is defined or changes in just a few months, you can save hundreds of dollars on your cable bill ant trips to the movies.




  1. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and let them save money, just like you.

Review below so you have a full understanding of what Kodi can do for you and your family and look at some of the channels you will be able to see right there on your own TV.

The latest version of Kodi 16.1 formally (XBMC ) is what currently is available and each and every time a new version is released you will have access at no additional cost. By installing the recommended list of add-ons it will allow you to have access to thousands of worldwide streams.

Just a few of the available channels

  • The most popular Movie and Tv add-ons are available for immediate installation such as Genesis, Navi-X, 1Channel, Icefilms, PPV Sport devils and much more.
  • The most popular radio channels and poscasts are available for immediate installation. Video Addons: .F.U.B.A.R, 1 Channel, Break Videos, Cartoon8, channel Pear, ChicagoIPTV, Comic Strips,, Decado Documentaries, DiavolettoBeatsLists, DigiTele Sports, DubStop, EarthCam, Food Network, Funnier Moments, Genesis, HaloLive TV, IPTV Stalker, iStream, Mega Reborn, NBA Full Games, NFL Teams, Playlist Loader, RobinHood Project, Showbox, Super Cartoons, Stream All Streams, Stream Engine, The Mutts Nuts, TwitchTV, UFC, UK Turk Live Streams, USTVnow, Vdubt25, VEVO, Watch Cartoon Online, Watch Wrestling, WWE Online, XBMCtorrent, YouTube.
  • Audio Addons: Apple iTunes Podcast, Concert Archive, MP3 Streams, Mikey’s Karaoke, Music Box, Pandora, Radio, SoundCloud, Tunein Radio.
  • Program Addons: TR Total Installer, 1Channel Themepack, Global Search, iVue TV Guide, Keymap Editor, LazyTV, Maintenance Tool, Navi-X, Renegades TV Guide, RSS Editor, Shadow Builds, Super Favourites, Tecbox iVue Wizard, Trakt, VPNicity.
  • Picture Addons: are available for your choice
  • Sources: .XBMC Israeli, .XunityTalk, Bromix, Dixie-Dean, fightnight, HaloLive, iStream, iVue TV Guide, jas0npc, Kinkins, Kozz, lambda, Lunatixz, MetalKettle, Mucky Ducks, natko 1412, podgod, shadowcrew, spoysers, Techdealer, tknorris, TVADDONS, XBMCtorrent

Everything is streamed ad-free and you can find and watch almost any movie or TV show, new Movie releases, plus 3D movies and HD is available for most movies and streams. You can also select the quality of the movies/tv series depending upon your connection speed. Adult add-ons are also available but can be easily disabled if you want me to remove those add-ons.

What Do You Need?

Internet connection and some form of a computer whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet…… That’s it. The add-ons are open-sourced and created by third party developers, who work on these as their hobbies. So you may encounter intermittent in their functionality sometimes but there are hundreds more available by a click of a button. In addition, this streaming device depends greatly on the availability of the video sources so we cannot responsible for any changes to add-on functionality or video sources.

Important Points

  • Not all add-ons will work all the time and some add-ons will occasionally go down for repair or updates, and they sometimes can take weeks to come back up.
  • We do not guarantee any apps and add-ons will ever return and cannot be responsible for the content.
  • We are membership organization that provides knowledge and service to its members and we cannot be held responsible for what you may install on your streaming device.
  • We highly recommend that if you have children or any other party that you feel may be affected by any of the content from any of the add-ons. Then you should disable those particular add-ons, and only allow them for your personal use.
  • We do not advertise the content which is available through the add-ons and we can only show you how to install or uninstall the program and the rest is up to you.
  • We are not responsible for undeliverable address info and we reserve the right to cancel our service at any time.
  • Payments are expected on purchase.
  • Our preferred method of payment is PayPal.
  • Pay via PayPal – Buy with confidence.

We do not guarantee or endorse any and all channels or content you may receive through the add-ons installed on your Kodi program. We are simply a consumer advocate membership company offering knowledge to its members. If you agree and understand that this is all that we offer and agree with these terms, feel free to make a purchase.

We hope you will enjoy the free media streaming and look forward to having you become one of our members.


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